Kevin & Seane Corn at Wanderlust Festival

Kevin & Seane Corn at Wanderlust Festival


In addition to the traditional music scene, Kevin is the go-to singer-songwriter and a pioneer in the realm of yoga and live music.  

Since completing his yoga teacher training, he has toured the world providing live music for over 1,000 yoga classes with renowned teachers at festivals like Wanderlust, Yoga Journal Live, and Hanuman Festival, at venues like Kripalu, yoga studios, retreats, and online sites like YogaGlo, Gaia (GaiamTV), 1440 Multiversity, and YogaVibes.  

For classes, he harnesses his yoga teacher training and knowledge of yoga and music to help foster more nourishing, flowing, healing, fun, community-based, and all around magical practices.




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Seane Corn & Kevin Paris presenting live at Wanderlust Festival California 2017 w/ Anthony Postman.