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thank you for being here :) what a gift it is to co-create on this beautiful journey together.  in south africa there is a word and way of being called "ubuntu" which means "I Am because You Are."  in the same way, the songs i play and record exist because you exist... there is no separation.  so let's keep creating more beautiful frequencies and impact in the world together ☀️  thank you for you ❤️




singer-songwriter, author, alchemist and pioneer yoga musician, paris has toured the world playing over 2,000 performances as a 100% independent artist.  after humble roots growing up in wisconsin and living in brazil and south africa, he is based between hawaii, los angeles and wisconsin.


paris has shared stages and lineups with artists from stephen marley, michael franti, magic giant, and trevor hall, to xavier rudd and diplo. in the studio, he has recorded over 6 albums independently, and produced many more for other artists.

in addition to the traditional music scene, paris has devoted his life to the intersections of yoga, meditation, wellness & the healing power of music.  since completing his yoga teacher training over a decade ago, he has played for over two thousand yoga classes & meditations at festivals, retreats and events worldwide.


through music and ancient technologies like sound, meditation, breath and yoga, he helps us re-member the truth of who we are at our essence, reflecting greater Love, Wholeness, health, happiness, peace & Oneness to all.  no matter the venue, paris’ unmistakable, feel-good music uplifts, connects and helps raise frequencies.  stay connected through the links below for more.

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